Project Baseline

What is Project Baseline?

Project Baseline is a long-term quest to map human health.  The Project Baseline Health Study, launched in 2017, is the first initiative of Project Baseline and is a collaboration among teams at Verily, Duke University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine, and Google.

How long will the Project Baseline Health Study last? 

The Project Baseline Health Study is an observational study that will collect, organize, and analyze broad health data from approximately 10,000 participants over the course of at least four years.

What is the Project Baseline Health Study trying to find out?

The study is designed to develop a well-defined reference, or “baseline,” of good health, as well as a rich data platform that may be used to better understand the transition from health to disease. Participants are joining together with a team of experts from across academia, medicine, science, technology, engineering, and design to better understand how health can change over time. Participants are asked to visit a study site up to four times yearly, test new technologies and wearable devices daily, and participate in interactive surveys and diaries by using a smartphone, computer, or call center. Data collected include clinical, imaging, self-reported, physical, environmental, behavioral, sensor, molecular, genetic, and other health-related measurements. Biospecimens collected include blood and saliva, among others.

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Svati Shah

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Kelly Marcom 

Kannapolis Investigator: Dr. Paul Campbell 

Learn about the Duke team in Kannapolis


Learn about the Duke team in Durham 


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