Kathleen Caron

Kathleen Caron

Congratulations to Kathleen Caron, this month’s MURDOCK Study Follow-Up Raffle winner!

Completing the Annual Follow-Up Form like Kathleen is a critical part of being a MURDOCK Study participant. In fact, following up with the study every year is the most important way to continue contributing to health research.

Kathleen joined the MURDOCK Study 10 years ago during a health fair at the YMCA. When she spoke with the MURDOCK Study team at the fair, Kathleen realized the importance of not only the study but also following up every year around her anniversary of enrollment, when the team contacts her.

“I realized that I needed to do such a little part to make such a large impact for the medical future,” she said.

In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her four children and her nephews and nieces. She chose a $50 Target gift card as her raffle prize.

“With my prize, I plan to do something frivolous,” Kathleen said. “I will buy something my budget wouldn’t allow me to buy.”

Don’t forget to complete your Annual Follow-Up Form when the MURDOCK Study team contacts you. You might be the next winner!

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