Kidney Health Study

MURDOCK Kidney Health Study

The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in Kannapolis has launched the MURDOCK Kidney Health Study. The study aims to understand factors that prevent kidney disease in people at risk. The study will focus on the relationships between diet, bacteria living within the gastrointestinal tract (known as the gut microbiota), differences in metabolism, and the risk of kidney disease. This observational study will collect biological samples and information on lifestyle factors including diet, personal health habits, environmental exposures, and more. An initial pilot phase in a small number of participants over a short period will help us design a larger, long-term study to learn about new ways to prevent kidney disease.

Compensation: Offered throughout the nine-month study.

Interested in enrolling? Read the requirements below and call 704-250-5861 or email

Principal Investigator: Dr. Julia Scialla

Co-Investigator: Pao-Hwa Lin, PhD

Co-Investigator: Crystal Cenell Tyson, MD

Who will be invited to take part in this research? We will enroll MURDOCK Study participants in pairs who live in the same household. One member of the pair must have diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease. People with a history of severe gastrointestinal disorders, who have a history of gut or bowel surgery, or other serious health conditions will not qualify.

What will I be asked to do? People who qualify and choose to enroll in the study will be asked to complete four in-person study visits at the Duke CTSI MURDOCK Study Office in Kannapolis. The initial visit will take about two hours to complete and will include questionnaires about diet, health history, health habits, and household characteristics. We will also measure clinical factors such as your height, weight, blood pressure, and waist circumference, and collect biological samples for testing. Three follow-up visits will occur every three months and will take about 30 minutes each.

How could my participation help research? The MURDOCK Kidney Health Study will support new discoveries in kidney disease to understand the relationship between diet, gut bacteria, metabolism and kidney health. Your participation may help us understand the causes of kidney disease and develop strategies to prevent kidney disease.

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