The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute in Kannapolis enrolled 452 participants in the MURDOCK COPD Study, an observational study that collected information on the participants’ level of smoking-related symptoms, ability to breathe, treatment, and outcomes. This study provides an important basis for understanding how Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) progresses within a community.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Palmer

Dr. Palmer

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Jamie Todd

Jamie Todd

Eligibility Requirements: People who qualified for this study were at least 40 years old and were current or former heavy smokers (tobacco exposure equal to or greater than the equivalent of smoking at least one pack a day for 10 years). They may or may not have had COPD or emphysema.

Exclusion Criteria: People who were listed for a lung transplant and people who were participating in an investigational drug trial did not qualify for this study.

Study Requirements: People who enrolled in the study were asked to complete a medical questionnaire to document smoking history; complete a physical activity questionnaire; walk for six minutes; and have their height and weight measured. Participants also were asked to alternate between an in-person study visit and a telephone interview every six months.


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