Ana Farrera Gonzalez

ana farrera gonzalez

Ana Farrera Gonzalez

Ana Farrera Gonzalez encourages nearly everyone she knows to join the MURDOCK Study. Her enthusiasm helped her win a $50 gift card to the Gap.

“I believe that we need research to find cures and better treatment,” said Farrera Gonzalez, a Charlotte resident. “That’s the only way they can do it. Maybe we will not be able to see it, but our kids or their kids will.”

So far, Farrera Gonzalez has recruited her cousin, son and husband into the MURDOCK Study, as well as several people she met through her job as a screening and referral coordinator at Bethesda Health Center. For her efforts, Gonzalez won the study’s Refer-A-Friend Raffle in the first quarter of 2015 and a $50 gift card.

Farrera Gonzalez is one of more than 11,500 MURDOCK Study participants. When participants fill out their Annual Follow-Up Form, they are automatically entered into a raffle for a prize worth up to $150. Those who refer a friend or family member who then enrolls are entered into the Refer-a-Friend Raffle with the chance to win a prize valued at $50.

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