William ‘Bob’ Martin

william bob martin

William “Bob” Martin

William “Bob” Martin of Concord fills out his MURDOCK Study Annual Follow-Up Form the same way he exercises — with loyal dedication.

Martin, 78, and his wife Billie were among the first people to sign up for the MURDOCK Study when Duke University launched the ambitious effort in 2009. Since then, the Martins have made sure to complete their Annual Follow-Up Form every year.

It’s become a part of their regular routine, just like walking a mile and playing 18 holes of golf three times a week. MURDOCK Study follow-up is just as important as enrollment, Bob Martin said.

“The database is a big part of these studies, and they need to have a broad base of data to choose from and compare with,” he said. “Follow-up is how you maintain the database. You have to keep all the numbers active.

“I will be doing it as long as I still know how.”

Bob Martin was randomly chosen as the winner of the Follow-Up Raffle in the fourth quarter of 2015. For his prize valued at up to $150, he chose a digital camera.

He settled in Concord in 1996 after living in Alabama and Texas and serving in the U.S. Navy. He is retired from the metal distribution industry.

The Martins met by chance when they both took their Volkswagons in for service in Pensacola, Fla. They began chatting and discovered that they grew up 25 miles apart in Alabama. The rest, as they say, is history.

They joined the MURDOCK Study together and now fill out their Annual Follow-Up Form together each year.

“It’s a broad-based study, and it has a good purpose, so why not?” Bob Martin said. “It’s really a no-brainer. It’s just so easy.”

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