Smokeless Tobacco Study

Goal: Smokeless tobacco use is a national health problem, and Duke University researchers are working to develop better ways to help people quit. This study will research whether text messaging is an effective way to help people who want to quit using smokeless tobacco. Examples of smokeless tobacco include chewing tobacco, dip and snuff.

Compensation: Will be offered.

Interested in enrolling? Read the requirements below and call 919-613-9130 or
email devon.noonan@duke.edu to learn more or to see if you qualify.

Principal InvestigatorDr. Devon Noonan

Devon Noonan, PhD

Eligibility Requirements: People who qualify for this study are at least 18 years old; are current users of smokeless tobacco products and have a desire to quit; must be enrolled in the MURDOCK Study; and must have access to a cell phone with text messaging capabilities.

Study Requirements:

  • You will be asked to make an appointment to answer a series of questions about your history of smokeless tobacco use. This can be by phone or in-person at the MURDOCK Study office, whichever you prefer, and should take about 30 minutes.
  • Following this appointment, we will send you text messages every day for four weeks encouraging you to stop using smokeless tobacco.
  • At the end of three months and six months, we will ask you another set of questions about how helpful you found our texts, and whether you were successful in quitting smokeless tobacco.
  • You will have an opportunity to come to the MURDOCK Study office for an interview about your experience at the three-month mark.
  • We will compensate you for your time.

Enrollment Goal: 90


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