Yvonne Ritchie

Yvonne Ritchie

Congratulations of Yvonne Ritchie, this month’s MURDOCK Study Follow-Up Raffle winner!

While she was working for Atrium Health, Yvonne remembers learning about the MURDOCK Study. The opportunity to participate in the study sounded intriguing to her, and she has been committed to following up every year.

“I value valid and reputable research for the benefit of expanding knowledge, innovation and cutting edge practices,” Yvonne said. “I encourage all MURDOCK Study participants to continue their efforts to complete the annual surveys to be a part of something bigger and better for our community and to promote research.”

Yvonne enjoys going for walk and runs with her dog, Duke, as well as hiking, kayaking, and spending time with family. She chose a $50 Harris Teeter gift card as her raffle prize.

“I plan to give my prize to the Youth and Family Ministries Director at my church because he has been a great faith leader and mentor for my two children for eight or more years,” Yvonne said.

Don’t forget to complete your Annual Follow-Up Form when the MURDOCK Study team contacts you. You might be the next winner!

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