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Project Blue is a new and exciting phase of the MURDOCK Study that encourages participants to follow-up each year, around the anniversary of their enrollment. The MURDOCK Study is a longitudinal research study, which means scientists follow participants incrementally over a long period of time to see how their health changes. This method of studying a community makes the MURDOCK Study a unique and powerful resource to investigators.

Participants’ Annual Follow-Up Forms will arrive in envelopes marked with the distinctive Project Blue logo. Watch for your  envelope to arrive either by mail or by email around the anniversary of your enrollment. Project Blue kicks off your annual follow-up period — it’s a great way to celebrate your decision to become one of more than 12,400 people dedicated to helping scientists better understand health and disease.

Our team offers four convenient ways to complete your follow-up form, and you only have to choose one (see below). We’ve made it really easy to follow-up!

Longitudinal research is helpful in determining patterns related to health and disease. More data from large groups of people — like the MURDOCK Study — can provide rich information and insights for precision medicine and ultimately, yield better research results. 

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How to Complete Your Annual Follow-Up Form

Filling out your Annual Follow-Up Form is just as important as your decision to enroll in the MURDOCK Study. Our team will contact you every year around the anniversary of your enrollment. Just pick one of these four easy ways to follow-up:

ONLINE Use your personalized link to complete your Annual Follow-Up Form online. If you don’t receive an anniversary email with your link, call 704-250-5888 or email transpop@duke.edu and we will send one right away. Must have a valid email address for this option.

PAPER Fill out the form we send you in the new Project Blue envelope. If you don’t receive a packet around your anniversary, call 704-250-5888 to see if you are due for follow-up. If you are, we can mail you a paper form and postage-paid return envelope.

PHONE Call 704-250-5888 to speak with a member of our team, who will help you fill out your form.

IN PERSON Come see us! Visit our Kannapolis office at 201 Dale Earnhardt Blvd. Suite 300 and we will help you complete your form.

If you ever forget to follow-up, don’t worry. It’s not too late! Not sure if you’re up-to-date? Call 704-250-5888 and we’ll check. You can also update your contact information.

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