Social Determinants of Health

Data+ and Duke CTSI TransPop have launched Social Determinants of Health in Kannapolis, North Carolina, an initiative to bring together data that will facilitate research using social determinants of health to examine and understand health disparities. A team of seven students led by faculty are building a database of publicly available data sources in Kannapolis and Cabarrus County. MURDOCK Study investigators will be able to tap into that data, adding richness and depth to the biorepository

The students are led by faculty and researchers at the Social Science Research Institute. Much of this data – information relevant to understanding socioeconomic status, education, the physical and social environment, employment, and social support networks – is publicly available or easily obtained and its aggregation and analysis offer opportunities to significantly improve predictions of health risks and improve personalized care.

The students are evaluating potential data sources, developing ethical policies to protect respondent privacy, cleaning and merging data, creating documentation for data sharing and reuse, and using statistical tools and neighborhood mapping software to examine patterns of disparity.


Paul Bendich

Disciplines Involved: Sociology, Public Policy, PreHealth/PreMed, Global Health, Environmental Science, all quantitative STEM

Project Lead: Alexandra Cooper

Project Manager: Mara Sedlins

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