Fractures and Falls Study

The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in Kannapolis has launched the MURDOCK Fractures and Falls Study. This study aims to understand bone fracture risk in older adults with diabetes. The study will focus on the association between signals in the body and the potential for fractures. Participants will be asked to complete a survey every six months to report any fractures that occurred during that time.

Interested in enrolling? Read the requirements below and call 704-250-5861 or email Study team members are contacting all MURDOCK Study participants who qualify.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard H. Lee

Richard H. Lee

Who will be invited to take part in this research? MURDOCK Study participants who are 60 years of age or older and report having diabetes, either through self-reporting or use of medications, will be invited to participate in this study.

What will I be asked to do? People who qualify and choose to enroll in the study will be asked to complete a survey every six months to report any fracture that resulted from a fall from standing height or lower. Participants also will be asked to allow researchers access to their medical records.

How could my participation help research? The MURDOCK Fractures and Falls Study will help researchers understand signals in the body — biological markers that can be detected and measured in parts of the body like blood or urine — in older adults who have diabetes. This could help scientists develop new techniques to identify risk factors sooner, ultimately preventing more fractures in patients.
In addition, the survey includes a list of questions to assess your risk for falls, and you will receive your results upon completion. Your risk for falls is an important risk to understand and discuss with your doctor if applicable.

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