MURDOCK Study partners with BioStorage

Duke University has partnered with BioStorage Technologies, Inc. in Indianapolis for storage and management of the biological samples provided by Kannapolis and Cabarrus County residents for the landmark MURDOCK Study.

Study leaders needed to develop an alternative storage option due to the closure of the LabCorp biorepository in Kannapolis this summer, a result of its corporate merger with Covance.

With no other local biorepository option, MURDOCK Study leadership conducted an extensive search process and chose BioStorage Technologies, Inc. for storage and management of the samples. The legacy of our more than 12,200 participants who have made this incredibly important research project possible has been preserved.

While the samples have been physically moved, they remain readily accessible to Duke University investigators and collaborating researchers. MURDOCK Study leadership will continue to explore options that could return the samples to North Carolina. Regardless of where the samples are stored, the MURDOCK Study and all the findings and insights that these samples have and will produce will always be rooted in the Kannapolis and Cabarrus County communities.

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