Cynthia Allison

Cynthia Allison

Congratulations to Cynthia Allison of Kannapolis, winner of our first quarter Follow-Up Raffle of 2017!

Allison, 56, grew up in Concord and worked as a medical technician at an assisted living facility for nine years and then home health care, before becoming disabled due to back and shoulder injuries.

She enrolled in the MURDOCK Study six years ago and convinced about a dozen of her relatives to do the same so that researchers can follow changes to their health. When her family started having major health crises like diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer, she said, “I was curious about our genetics and family history, and as a person of color, it’s often difficult to find out these things. We have the same diseases and they pass from one generation to the next.”

She makes sure to fills out her Annual Follow-Up Form every year. “Your health is constantly changing. Mine has changed drastically,” she said. “It’s how you keep track of what’s going on with me and my siblings. You need to do the annual update so they will know the changes in your health and medical history, or else it just stays stagnant.”

Follow-up is the whole point of the study, she said.

In her spare time, she loves reading and playing silly games. But her favorite thing to do is spend time with her nieces and nephews, including 8-month-old Phoenix, the newest baby in the family. She plans on buying a nice paper shredder with her $150 Walmart gift card.

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