Bernie Edwards

bernie edwards raffle winner

Bernie Edwards

Congratulations to Bernie Edwards, winner of the Duke-MURDOCK Study Follow-Up Raffle and a $150 gift card for the second quarter of 2015.

Edwards joined the MURDOCK Study several years ago when his rock ‘n’ roll band, Exit 54, was performing at a Ben Mynatt dealership appreciation event. During a break, he wandered over to the Duke University information table to see what the MURDOCK Study was all about, signed up and has been an active participant ever since.

“Participation in anything to help the area do valuable research on diseases that could potentially affect us all seems like a no-brainer,” says the Mount Pleasant resident. “If I can do my small part and be involved in something like this, then why not?”

According to Edwards, enrolling was quick and easy. He said he encourages others to enroll and has piqued his friends’ curiosity about participating in the study by winning the Follow-Up Raffle.

The gift card will help fund ongoing home renovations, he said.

Edwards is one of more than 11,700 MURDOCK Study participants. Everyone who fills out an Annual Follow-Up Form is automatically entered into the quarterly raffle for a prize worth up to $150. Follow-up information is crucial to the success of the MURDOCK Study, and each completed Annual Follow-Up form is a valuable part of this unique community-based research project.

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