Horizon 2: Cohort Studies

Building upon the findings of previous biomarker studies and leveraging the database of Horizon 1.5 volunteers, Horizon 2 encompasses several ongoing disease studies. These projects seek to deepen and expand the investigative reach of the MURDOCK Study. Researchers can partner with the MURDOCK Study to create a new cohort using the Community Registry and Biorepository, which includes more than 12,400 adult participants.

The MURDOCK Study is investigating a wide range of diseases, from severe acne to Alzheimer’s.

Horizon 2 research initiatives examine diverse aspects of community health and continue using biomarker identification as a research tool but also utilize new technologies. To learn more about some of our Horizon 2 studies, follow the links below.

Multiple Sclerosis

Physical Performance

Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Memory and Cognitive Health

Severe Acne




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