Perceptions of the MURDOCK Study

Duke and UNC researchers 

After the initiation of Horizon 1.5, researchers from local universities conducted a study to measure perceptions of the MURDOCK Study in the Kannapolis/Cabarrus County community. Working with MURDOCK team members in Kannapolis, the research staff performed semi-structured interviews with 28 community members, 15 of whom joined the MURDOCK Study and 13 who declined participating in the study.

The project was designed to examine motivations for participation versus non-participation. Interviewers also probed community attitudes toward the MURDOCK study, discussing perceived benefits and risks of enrollment. Researchers found that participants had a high level of trust in the MURDOCK Study and its staff, while expressing few fears about privacy or data security. Additionally, analysis of the interviews found that enrolled individuals were motivated to join because of altruism, wanting to advance scientific research and improve the health of their community.

To learn more about this research effort, check out this press release or these presentation slides.

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