Horizon 1.5: MURDOCK Study Community Registry & Biorepository

Horizon 1.5 began in 2009 with the enrollment of the first participant in the MURDOCK Study Community Registry and Biorepository. This biobank contains small samples of blood and urine, in addition to self-reported health information, from volunteer participants. To date, more than 12,400 community members have contributed to this community registry, an invaluable resource for future health studies. Duke researchers and collaborators will utilize the health information and biological samples aggregated during Horizon 1.5 to examine numerous disease characteristics. These research endeavors will inform the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of medical conditions.

Adding to the potential investigative capabilities of the MURDOCK Study, all participant addresses in the Community Registry have been standardized to USPS-verified format and geocoded to enable geospatial analysis. The secure database housing the geocoded addresses has been enriched with North Carolina Census data and other geospatially-generalized data,  allowing for various environmental and social factors to be included as study variables.


The MURDOCK Study relies on key community partnerships  in Kannapolis, North Carolina and the surrounding areas to support the enrollment and retention of study participants. Recruitment for Horizon 1.5 was possible through diverse set of activities, such as mass enrollments, physician referrals, and community events. Study staff have sought to integrate themselves into local communities, organizing educational events and supporting community health organizations. Through this multi-pronged approach to engage study participants, the MURDOCK Study team has demonstrated a commitment to the health of Concord/Kannapolis that extends far beyond the scope of Horizon 1.5.

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Follow these links for a list of current members of the Healthcare Advisory Board and Community Advisory Board.

Additional investigative studies have been conducted within the scope of Horizon 1.5:

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